Note from the Covenant Webservant: UMCmarket has been changing and improving faster than we have been able to update this page. It’s bigger and better than ever, but the description on this page doesn’t do it justice. Check it out today!
Support Covenant Church for FREE while shopping online! Sign up for the new United Methodist fund-raising program UMCmarket, which has been approved by the GCFA*. A percentage of your shopping will be donated to Covenant. Click here for detailed information.

UMCmarket was developed in cooperation with the General Council on Finance and Administration. “It’s an innovative and easy way to help achieve your revenue goals,” says Moses Kumar, General Secretary of GCFA.

Getting started:

Go to the start page and click on the “Join Now” button. Then follow the simple steps to download the plug-in. After downloading the plug-in, go to Organizations and search for “Covenant Lancaster”, and press Join. By doing this, your computer will automatically register when you enter an online shop that’s in the network, and you will be informed of the percentage of your purchase that the store will donate to your Covenant. When you’re ready to start shopping, the donation will go directly to Covenant Church.

Shopping from a tablet or smartphone (works also for computers):

Go to and log in with your email-address and a password in the upper right hand corner. If you haven’t designated Covenant as your home church, click on the Organizations tab, search for “Covenant Lancaster” and press Join. You only need to do this once.

Finding Covenant Church:

Every United Methodist Church in the U.S. is listed on UMCmarket, including Covenant. At this time, Covenant is listed as “Covenant Lancaster”.

What stores are participating and how much do they give back?

Under the tab Stores you can search for stores in a lot of different categories. Next to every store you will see the percentage that they have agreed to pay back every time you make a purchase.

When will Covenant get the micro-donations I create?

Every time you have made a purchase you’ll get an email stating the amount of your micro-donation. Depending on the store and if they have the item in stock or not, it can take up to 48 hours for them to reply. Every month Covenant Church will receive a report of all micro-donations that have been made to Covenant, together with a check of the total amount. (If accumulated total is less than $100, the payment will be distributed when $100 is reached).

How is it possible?

UMCmarket has partnered with hundreds of stores who’ve agreed to give back a portion of your purchase. It’s their way of saying “thank you” to UMCmarket for referring customers to them. The money that you get back goes automatically as a donation to the church that you’ve selected in your account.

Thank you for supporting your United Methodist Church!

The more people that know about UMCmarket, the more your church benefits. So, spread the word!

*General Council on Finance and Administration – the central financial management of the United Methodist Church


The UMCmarket site has been redesigned and rebuilt from scratch, and even has a new Web address. It’s now at, rather than .net. Links on this page have been updated.


Download the UMCmarket App

The UMCmarket website has been completely rebuilt and is now better than ever. There’s even an app for tablets and smartphones!

UMCmarket Video

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