Child Care - Staff

Our Staff

Leah Shenk, Director

Leah Shenk joined Covenant Child Care Center in 2007. A graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Elementary Education, Leah is the director of the Center. You may find her in her office involved with paperwork or the computer, in a classroom with children, or even fixing a broken toy. With the help of her amazing staff, she has been able to meet many wonderful families in Lancaster and assure parents that their children will be loved and cared for while they are at work.

Emily Mekeel, Assistant Director

As assistant director and pre-kindergarten teacher, Emily Mekeel has shown her dedication to the young children of Lancaster. Since her arrival in 2007, she has helped to improve the curriculum of Covenant Child Care Center. As a certified teacher, her experience in the classroom has enabled her to help numerous children grow and thrive as they prepare for kindergarten.