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Pictorial Directory

03.11.20 | by Roger Kresge

    Covenant Pictorial Directory New date due to Coronavirus! To be a welcoming community, we need to know each other. Come be a part of our new church pictorial directory. LifeTouch photo sessions here at Covenant are Tuesday through Thursday...

    Way Forward

    01.31.19 | by Roger Kresge

      On Sunday, February 10, all Covenant members are invited to attend a church meeting in Bethany Hall at 12: 30 PM in order to learn about the upcoming Special Session of General Conference of the United Methodist Church. We will share a potluck...

      Helping Puerto Rico

      02.07.18 | by Roger Kresge

        Despite massive relief efforts, including UMCOR (United Methodist Committee On Relief) hundreds of thousands of people in Puerto Rico are still without essentials like homes, water and electricity. Thousands of churches have been damaged or...

        Disaster Recovery

        08.28.17 | by Roger Kresge

          Victims of recent disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, and their aftermath, need your prayers, AND your support. You can help the relief efforts by donating to UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief. 100% of your gifts go directly...

          Anchorage Breakfast Program

          07.29.17 | by Roger Kresge

            Anchorage Breakfast Volunteers Needed From our Urban Ministry ConneXion: ARE YOU FREE TO VOLUNTEER AT ANCHORAGE BREAKFAST A FEW DAYS A MONTH? Anchorage Breakfast Ministries is always looking for volunteers, specifically pastors, to be there for...