Child Care - Services

What services do we provide?

We provide services to children starting at 6 weeks of age until the child enters kindergarten.

Infant Care (ages 6 weeks – 1 year)

The partnership between parent and caregiver is of utmost importance in the infant room. Each day, the staff of Covenant Child Care Center will complete a Happy Gram, which includes what the child ate for the day and when, when s/he slept, diaper changes, and any other special notes for parents. These Happy Grams will be sent home with the parent daily.
The child care staff will work with the parents to assure that each child’s individual routine is closely followed regarding eating and sleeping.

The caregivers of Covenant Child Care Center will provide the stimulation and physical closeness necessary to help your child develop a sense of trust and self-confidence through:

  • genuine concern and affection for each infant,
  • activities to improve infants’ reaching skills and toy manipulation,
  • encouragement to use skills to explore the environment,
  • activities to strengthen muscles and encourage physical development,
  • encouragement of vocal responses, imitation, comprehension, and verbalization,
  • a variety of developmental toys to stimulate and challenge infants as they grow.

Young Toddlers (ages 1-2 years)

As in the infant room, each day, the staff of Covenant Child Care Center will complete a Happy Gram, which will be sent home with parent daily.
The young toddler room is a transitioning room for both the child and the parents. We will provide each new parent with a copy of the room schedule, which closely resembles the Older Toddler Schedule. The room schedule may vary slightly day to day based on the “mood” of the room.

This schedule includes:

  • Morning and afternoon snack
  • Large motor activities
  • A walk several times a week, weather permitting, or other large motor activities
  • Cognitive and fine motor activities interspersed throughout the day
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon nap

Older Toddlers (ages 2-3 years) and Preschool (ages 3-4 years)

The older toddler and preschool programs provide varied activities to encourage your child’s growth and development. The program includes large and small muscle activity, constructive activity, music, art, and language arts, with the goal of having children achieve an awareness of themselves and the world.

Our focus is an education that incorporates general Christian values in our curriculum. Our staff will relate life’s experiences to the presence of God in the world and will integrate Christian teachings in daily activities such as kindness toward others, love, and being helpful.

The preschool curriculum is more in-depth than that of the toddler room. However, both are designed around weekly or monthly topics, explored through various activities. Each day, your child may participate in:

  • Directed play
  • Individually directed learning activities
  • Supervised free play
  • Music and movement
  • Story time
  • Outdoor walks or playground time (weather permitting)
  • Rest time
  • Small group activity
  • Large group activity
  • Large motor activity (running, jumping, throwing, etc.)
  • Small motor activity (using crayons, crafts, etc.)

Pre-Kindergarten (ages 4-5)

The Pre-Kindergarten program is a kindergarten-readiness program for all 4 and 5 year olds entering kindergarten the following year. This class’s curriculum is based around weekly themes, a letter of the week, and the target skill(s) of the week. This room will continue to work on writing, pre-reading skills, math skills, etc. as in the preschool, however, in a more in-depth manner. Students will have more responsibilities and tasks to accomplish each day. We will focus on writing letters and numbers properly, letter sounds, simple addition and subtraction, rhyming, and many other skills. We will use weekly groups, learning centers, circle time to accomplish our goals, as well as many other special, fun activities throughout the day.