Parking Rules

Covenant United Methodist Church Parking Privileges

Effective January 2022

  1. The basic purpose of our parking lot is to provide parking for congregational activities. Through repeated requests for community parking, spaces have been rented to interested individuals.
  2. Parking will be available on a quarterly rental basis: Monday through Saturday evening. Parking during the week will include both day and night parking. No parking is allowed on Sunday mornings during Sunday Church School and Worship - approximately from 7:00 a.m. to 12 noon.
  3. The church assumes no responsibility for damage done to your car while it is parked on our lot. The church will not be responsible for bodily harm to parkers on church property.
  4. Each person using the lot will be assigned a numbered/lettered space. Be sure to park in your own space. If another car should in error occupy your space, you may park in spaces marked 38 - 42 or 64 - 68 marked “Official Church Parking” in the main lot and in space “S” in Bethany Lot. Then notify the church office immediately that someone other than yourself was in your parking space.
  5. Parking is not intended for storage or repair of automobiles and such use will not be allowed. Privileges can be revoked by the Board of Trustees at their discretion. Parking violators will be notified, towed at owner’s expense and prosecuted if necessary.
  6. In the event of a special church meeting that will necessitate the use of the total area during the week, the church reserves the right, following adequate announcement, to restrict the area on the day needed. It is anticipated that such occasions will be rare.
  7. Snow removal will be done at night, if possible. The middle two lines of spaces should be empty, allowing for the snow to be pushed toward the church and stacked along the church rather than in spaces. All cars should be off the lot for snow removal within 6 hours after snowfall.
  8. If you care to utilize these parking privileges we ask that you pay the quarterly fee of $150.00 per space as established by the Board of Trustees. If payment is paid yearly, a discount of 10% will be given. Fees are due January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. The payment for the three month period must be made in its entirety on these dates. If check payment is returned for no funds available, than only cash, money order or cashier checks will be accepted. ALSO, a late fee of $10.00 will be charged. If payments are in arrears your parking privileges will be revoked. No notices will be sent, no partial payments will be accepted. There will be no exceptions. If these criteria cannot be met you will need to seek parking elsewhere.
  9. You may not transfer your space to another party. If you live in the neighborhood and rent a space, that space may not be advertised as a part of the sale/rental of your property. Anyone purchasing or renting your home/apartment will have to contact the church office in person. If spaces are available we will rent them a space, it may not be the space that you rented. If we have waiting list, they will have to go on that list. Should you fail to comply with this rule and advertise your space as being part of your property package we will revoke your privileges immediately.
  10. If you choose for any reason to give up your spaces, please notify the church office immediately. Rental liability continues until we are notified in writing.
  11. If there are any questions, change of cars or license plates, please contact the church office immediately at 393-1561.
  12. Your space number is...
  13. These parking privileges are subject to review periodically by the Board of Trustees.

If you have questions, please contact our church office by phone at 717-393-1561, or by email at office.covenant-umc.com.

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